La Prairie Tagaytay

Tagaytay is becoming the place to go to when out of town lately.  It is not a surprise that a lot of balikbayans, who are planning their future retirement, will choose Tagaytay. Why so?  The cold weather is one.  It’s good location (being one hour drive from Manila) far away from the stressfull city life.  Plenty of developments like wide range of restaurants, new hospitals and supermarket/mall.  A  good place to have a small farm.  Nice churches and retreat places  for your spiritual needs.  My question now is where is a nice place to live in?

I would recommend that you check out La Prairie Tagaytay. It is located along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway.  It is a private subdivision developed with a country theme. Check out their simulated log homes. It is nicely done and not as costly as the real log homes which could cost you thrice as much.  It is less to maintain than a real log home which could prone to termites (Tagaytay being known for having termites in its soil). 

One thing I like about La Prairie, compared to other village,  is that when you look at the topography of the entire subdivision, you will know and feel you are in Tagaytay unlike others which  are usually flat and boring terrain or  a not so friendly for the old and weary sloping terrain. 

Another thing to enjoy is when the area gets foggy at certain time of the day.  Location wise, it is very strategic.  Because it has a frontage along the highway, you can just be dropped off right in front of the village by the public bus or jeep during your carless days. Add to that, you are just 5 minutes away from the mall, church and other commercial areas.

Security wise, La Prairie management has added security measures to protect its residents.  They have roving guards 24 hours a day and other stuff which I can’t share to protect their security measures. I have heard so many security problems in other areas in Tagaytay but with the security controls set up in La Prairie they have addressed such problems.

I also like the idea that the properties adjacent to La Prairie are all residential areas.  In that way, residents can enjoy a quiet and peaceful surroundings away from the noise of commercialism in Tagaytay but not far away to enjoy what it has to offer.

To know more about La Prairie, check out their website: or email them at

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